My pin-tucked yellow fabric became a little tote-style purse.  I love the bright green handles and the robin’s egg blue lining.  So springy and cheerful.  I know the print is of leaves, but it puts me in the mind of lemons (it’s a smidge less orange that it appears here).  There may be a bit more yellow stitching ahead so stay tuned.


It’s full-on spring here in Troy — gloriously warm and sunny and you can see things grow before your eyes.  I went for a run yesterday, then a two -hour bike ride, looping around downtown to see what had changed since my winter hibernation began.  Caught up with the neighborhood folk and met some friends for delicious homemade gelato at Gelateria Lisa (run, don’t walk! it’s sooo good!) on the corner of Hill and Liberty.  I felt a little delirious after so much sun.

This morning I sat in the morning sun for a bit on my back deck drinking coffee, watching a couple of bluejays and what I decided is a finch (house? purple?) until the ginormous bees drove me inside.  I really need to get some grading done but lordy, it’s a gorgeous day!