One of my long-standing goals has been to start making clothing.  It fills me with trepidation for reasons that I can’t quite understand.  The last time I used a store-bought pattern was probably 7th-grade home-ec class, wherein I made a Laura Ashley-style prairie skirt that I loved and wore for years.  More recently, I’ve made some great skirts for my sister and my niece with patterns I’ve drawn up myself.  With these successes, you’d think I’d be all over it but somehow those tissue-paper patterns fill me with anxiety.

I have a few days off until my next summer school session begins, which will require my going to Princeton, New Jersey, for three weeks, so there will be no sewing while I’m away.  I decided to take this brief window of opportunity to venture boldly into the world of clothing and patterns by making…pajama pants!  Hah!  So freaking simple that I really don’t even need a pattern to make them, but I thought it would be a good way to stick one little toe into the pool of patterns.  I bought this awesome orange cotton print (using a coupon, of course!) and one of the cheap $2.99 patterns.  I prewashed my fabric and started by taking everything out of the package and looking over the pattern.  I figure I will need to adjust it slightly as the pattern assumes that there is a 10-inch difference between a lady’s hips and her waist, but my flat ass and soft belly suggest otherwise.  Ok.  I’m ready.


I bought the wrong size pattern.

To be continued…