I took out the waistband and chopped a full four inches off the waist circumference, so my pj pants are fitting a whole lot better now.  (The legs look slimmer in this photo but it’s just the way I’m standing.)  They are still pretty roomy and I wonder if I could have just made them in a size medium after all.  The photo on the front of the pattern makes them seem like fairly slim fitting pants but I suspect that the photo may not reflect the pattern as written, but rather as altered by a stylist.  Nonetheless, I love my jammie pants and can’t wait to make more.  It’s a good thing I’ll be working at home this coming school year as I see a lot of jammie pants in my future!

While reinserting the waistband, I added a little piece of ribbon along the back, both to help me put my pants on the right way when I’m feeling sleepy and so I can hang them on a hook.


In my next iteration, I would like to add side pockets for my ipod and a tissue.  Surely there are instructions on the web I can find.  I’d also like to find some nice cotton interlock with a good pattern on it.  Joanne’s only had plain or baby prints…any suggestions for online sources?