Adventure 3D collage

Every year I make a birthday card for my niece and they’ve gotten more elaborate over the years.  The rule is that it has to be made of paper to qualify as a card but this year I cheated a bit.  I got  a new ipod for Christmas and was looking at the cute plastic box that it comes in and the idea came to me that I should put a mini-diorama in it.

Adventure 3D Collage

The diorama is made completely of cut paper from an old Metropolitan Museum of Art desk calendar.  The photos don’t quite do it justice.

Adventure 3D Collage

My niece is studying abroad this semester — a grand adventure for someone who has let a relatively sheltered life.  I am so excited for her.  (And jealous too!)  Makes me think about my own travels overseas, especially when I was her age, and to long for some adventure of my own.

On the back, this favorite quote from Helen Keller.

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