Corduroy Lap Blanket

I’ve been holding off on posting this project since I couldn’t get any good pictures, but here it is anyway, for better or worse.  My ma asked for a heavy duty lap blanket for Christmas.  I inherited many yards of corduroy from someone and had been thinking it would make a great blanket.  I went for a large-scale chevron pattern — the squares are about 10-12″.

Corduroy Lap Blanket Fleece Backing

I backed it with heavy fleece — no lining necessary — and wrapped the fleece for binding.  I didn’t actually quilt the thing, which was a bit of a mistake, as now whenever she washes it, she’ll have to sort of shake it out to get it to lay flat.

The pictures are really bad and the colors are off.  Looks sort of garish here but I promise it’s much better in real life! And very cozy!