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(Sorry for the bad pun.)

I made this apron for my sister a couple of months back for her birthday.  It’s a very simple project and I recommend it to newbies.

I didn’t take pictures of the process, but it’s easy peasy.  This apron is lined so if you want you can make it reversible by selecting pretty fabric for the front and the back.  I made one for myself just using muslin for the lining, but this one is lined using the bright blue fabric that I used for the neck loop and ties.

1) Make a pattern using craft paper or wrapping paper — measure how wide you want the top and the bottom of your apron to be and where you want the waist to sit.  Once you draw the pattern and cut it out, hold it up against yourself to make sure it lines up where you want.

2) Make the ties and the neck loop by making fat double-fold bias tape. (Although you don’t really need to cut the fabric on the bias…what is that called?)  I made mine about 1 -1.5″ wide.  The neck loop is roughly 18″ long and the ties are about 30″ apiece, so you’ll need to make at least 80″ total.  Hem one end of each tie and sew the open side of the tape closed.

3) Pin the neck loop and the ties to the right side of the front fabric.  Here is a little sketch:


Yes, it seems like the loop and ties are going the wrong direction, but trust me it will work out!  Sew the loop and ties down, using a smaller hem than usual and go back and forth a couple of times to make them secure.

4) Line up the front fabric and the lining, right sides together, with the loops and ties sandwiched in between.  Pin the whole shebang, then sew all around the edge, leaving a six inch gap in the middle of the bottom for turning.

5) Clip the corners then flip it inside out through the gap.  When you turn it, the loops and the ties will come out, right where you want them to be — magic!  Iron your apron, then top stitch around the whole apron, closing the gap in the process.



6) I added a pocket at this stage.  If you wanted to make a reversible apron, you might want to put pockets on the two pieces before you sew them together, but I thought it would be sturdier to sew through both pieces of fabric.


I hope these directions make sense!

Another birthday crown, this one for a 2-year-old birthday friend.  Burgundy corduroy with felt applique, lined with cotton.  This was way too big for her head but worked quite nicely in combo with a birthday hat.

These are a snap to make and so sweet, but I need to work on the sizing.  One too small, the next too big….


I made these fabulous felt flowers for a friend.  She saw this rose-colored flower (one of my sadly stolen items), which we decided looked like a camelia and asked if I could make one in white or crimson for her to give to a friend.  I decided to make both so she could keep one for herself.  This was a trade instead of a sale — she’s a master massage therapist and gave me an amazing massage while I was visiting last month in exchange for one flower.  The second one was included as a gift.

I really love the texture of these flowers and the subtle variation in tone from using two shades of felt.  They are so sweet and romantic.

I’m afraid none of the pictures of the gifts I made for the ladies in my family came out well, so I am grouping them all in one post.  My sister wanted some fleece socks so I made her two pairs.  These were the same as the ones I made myself a few months ago, except they are full on knee socks, which is awesome.  So toasty!  I have some more fleece to make knee socks for myself.  (Come to think of it, what am I waiting for?  I need to work on these today.)

My mom asked for a fleece vest.  I am still fiddling with this pattern.  She wanted it longer than the one I made myself (which is definitely too short), so I added a few inches.  I also flared the hem ever so  slightly so it would fit over the hips better.  With the extra length, it would be better to move the pockets up a couple of inches, and I’m not entirely happy with the shape of the armholes, but otherwise, it is cute, especially in this Christmas tree print.

My niece wanted yoga pants like the ones I made my sister for her birthday.  I have these down to a science now and only wish I had gotten a better photo.

Finally, here is a skirt I made for myself for the holiday season.  Again, a bad pic, so you can’t really tell that it has gold highlights on it.  This is a simple elastic-waisted skirt that is so quick to put together.  It looks great with the gorgeous boots I bought myself in December.

I forgot to take a picture, but I made my sister-in-law a very cozy, very bright pink cowl scarf (the ends are sewn together so you loop it around your head twice).  I had made one for myself out of a looks-like-cashmere-but-it’s-really-polyester fabric and I loved it so much, I decided to make one for her as well.  One of these days, I’ll take a picture of mine and explain how to make it, because it takes 10 minutes, looks awesome, and is super-duper warm.

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but bowties are making a comeback.  I made a couple for my brother, using a modified version of this pattern.  I ended up doing a surprising amount of research on bowties, and it turns out that even if your dude wants to tie his own bow, you still need to add an adjustable hook and slider set.  Different shirt fabrics will change the neck measurement enough that he will want to be able to adjust the length of the tie, and if he ties the perfect bow, he can perserve it by unhooking it instead of untying it.  I mistakenly assumed that Joann’s would carry bowtie sets, which turned out to be very difficult to track down.  I finally found some at The Sewing Place.

I made my brother two ties, one out of red Duponi silk for nights on the town when he’s feeling a bit Dean Martin, and a jauntier version out of cotton baseball print.  I was delighted when he wore this to work the next day.  (After weeks of bowties on the brain, I watched Shutter Island and all I could pay attention to was Ben Kingsley’s beautiful bowties.)

Last year, I saw this awesome tutorial from Filth Wizardry for a Superhero Cape and I filed it away for future use.  My little three-and-a-half-year-old nephew is more interested in pirates than superheroes right now, so I made him a pirate cape for Christmas following her instructions.

This is a really simple project and the results are awesome!  So fun (and cozy) — I want one for myself!

I finished this flower right before the craft fair so forgot to list in my shop because I had never photographed it.  It’s my most elaborate (and thus most expensive) felt flower yet.  I can’t even tell you how long it took me to make this.  Ridiculous!  But I love the texture and the two tone color scheme.  I decided to call it a camelia after a friend asked about my making one for her and I looked up camelias and realized that is what this looks like.  I want to make one in white and cream.  I’d wear this in my hair if I could.  Actually, what I’d really like to do is make boutonnieres for a wedding.  Someone get married so I can do this, ‘kay?

I also finished up special order of 6 namaste eye pillows and if the light is better tomorrow I will take a picture.  I used six different fabric combinations and they look like candy.

Aside from shop talk, what is really exciting in my world of crafting is that my brother wants bowties for Christmas.  Something I can make!!  Anyone ever made bowties before?  Looks easy, but any tips?

Christmas!! 24 days…..WHAT?!?!?

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